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80% of Tamilnadu Skating Meet Photos Updated

80% of Photos has been uploaded and Remaining 20% with Videos will be updated Saturday (22/08/2009).

Click the below Image to view Tamilnadu Skating Meet Gallery held @ Madurai.



Keep visting the site to know about upcoming events and competition.

Launching in 2 days!!!!

Hey Students!!!

Are you looking for Online Technical Exams like C, C++, VB, JAVA, Oracle etc ?

Are you looking for Online Coporate Exams like Infosys, CTS, TCS, Oracle, Wipro etc ?

Are you looking for Placement Papers ?

Are you looking for Interview Tips ?

Are you looking for Final Year Project articles ?

Are you looking for any technical help ?

Are you looking for Tech Articles ?

Are you looking for Job Opportunities both Madurai and outside madurai ?

Just wait for 2 days.... All at one place to encourage madurai students. It's only for you guys and gals.........

----------------------------------ALL THE BEST--------------------------------------------

Maduraiguide wishing you - Happy Friendship Day

Quiz Competition - Jul 30 2009

Quiz Competition going to held today with more gifts and prizes. If you want to participate, please contact us.

Photos and Events information will be updated soon....

Site Launched Successfully


Madurai guide is community designed to make users more comfortable to use this site and make their life more interactive.
Madurai guide community clearly focuses on Madurai culture and experience and tries to expose the Madurai culture to the outside world.
Madurai guide provides you facilities to maintain easy relationship with all inside network area and throughout the world through message, scrap facilities, share pictures and provide way to establish their network in useful manner.
Users in maduraiguide can share their feelings via through scraps, sending pictures and mail.
Madurai guide gives you all information about Madurai whenever the users in network need to know.
Madurai guide try to focus on keeping online examinations for the students among schools and colleges in Madurai. The selected candidates will be announced in home page for a month.
Madurai guide focus on knowledge guidance in order to provide more placement papers, projects, technical and general articles to make users to implement this site to develop their career
Madurai guide focus on news area to make users to get updated news in all aspects including trends and technologies.
Madurai guide focus on Madurai opportunities to update the job opportunities inside Madurai for all department graduates.
Madurai guide provides discussions forum for the users to post their comments, questions, and all kind of suggestions.
Madurai guide provides more number of games to play. We also provide you to develop your knowledge through entertainment.
Madurai guide is used to provide contact details for all modes of transports such as train, flight, taxi service, tour travel agency including Auto service
·         Our mission is to create good friends network among users and to provide all facilities for users for both their development and entertainment for all age people. Madurai guide is key for user’s success…
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